High level Architecture

High level Architecture

mfund-server-app (NodeJS APIs):

  • Firebase is used in backend to revoke firebase authentication JWT token while logging out user from app.

  • Using ExpressJS to create APIs.

  • Sequelize is used as ORM for PostgreSQL DB.


  • Contains all the repositories and api call for flutter app.

  • Contains the definition of the functions responsible for OTP authentication through firebase authentication and uploading images on firebase storage.


  • Contains BloCs, States and Events.


  • Contains services, utils and common widget for both mfund-app and mfund-dashboard app.


The Admin dashboard has three main functions-

  • Can add any number of organisations.

  • Can view the details of all the investors.

  • Can view total number of investors, total investments and total balance.

  • Can create a new admin or change password of the current logged in admin.